St Patrick's PS, Dungannon

Primary 1

Thursday 19th, 2022

Dear Parents, 

Dismissal times have changed and children now have a longer day. Text messages have been sent to parents. 

All classes have been on thier school trip this week.  The children loved The Gruffalo Trail at Parkanaur.  We were very lucky and got a dry day. Look out for our photos which will be posted here soon. 

We are now in the month of May.  We will have  a class altar in honour of Mary. We talk to the children about May being Mary's month and pray the Hail Mary. 

In ICT children are using the beebots and the botley in class to develop and encourage their use of positional language and movement.  The children 'code' in instructions to make the device move in various directions.  Children are becoming familiar with giving commands and using the language of direction as in thier homeworks activitites. Children play the 'Jellybean Hunt' game on the computer. 

In Numeracy we continue to learn numbers to 20  Next week we are learning about 20.  We will be using the Numicon Shapes and pegs to help with addition.  Some children are now adding using 3 sets.  We talk about numbers before, after and inbetween and we make numbers with Numicon shapes. Talk to your child at home using the language we mention in homework activity worksheets to reinforce what we are teaching in class.  

In Literacy we continue with our Read, Write, Inc., speed sounds.  We 'Fred Talk' green words and use the technique of pinching our thumb and fingers as we sound out the words.  Encourage your child to do this with words that they can Fred Talk at home.  Can they write these words?   Click on the link below to get more ideas and information.  Children have been reading some lovely books on the Oxord Owl website and using their 'Fred Fingers' to sound out the words in these books.  We also now have a shared story book which all children experience as a clsas activity.   Children enjoyed'Ruby's Worry' this week.  Next week we are reading 'Perfectly Norman'.  

In World Around Us lessons, children are sequencing the life cycle of the butterfly, as part of our World Arond Us activitites.   We will be teaching the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'  and lots of our class activitites will be based on this story.  You will also have homework activities based on this book. 

PE lessons are on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please ensure that children have appropriate footwear and clothing on these days.  We are beginning to try our Fun Day activitites during lessons. As the weather gets warmer, please ensure your child has a hat and protetive clothing.   They may bring their own sun screen and apply it themselves when you feel this is necessary.

School lessons begin at 9.15.   Please remember to email, send a note or phone the school should your child be absent for any reason. 

If there are any planned changes to collection arrangements please inform the class Teacher or contact the school Office. 

Please continue to log on using your 'Myschool' login details and try your Mathletics activities at home.  Use the Mathletics logon card that was sent home with your child in Term 1. If you have lost or misplaced these details please contact your child's Teacher.   Children are also using Education City in school and this can be accessed at home too.  There is a link on this page for these. 

Continue to encourage your child to work hard, set a good example and be a good friend. Teachers reward stars to children every day. 

All homework should be returned to the Class Teacher on a Friday as new work is sent home at the start of the week.

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 Good Luck with today's online learning.

Keep Checking this page for notices and more links.

Please email your teacher if you need help

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Grow in Love -  

Children will have a one page of Grow In Love or Religion type activity to complete each week in their homework folders.  This will reinforce what they are doing in school. 

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We use Education City in school.  Try out the activitites at home.