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New 3pm Hometime Arrangements

15th Sep 2023

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Dear Parent/ Guardian

We are changing the way the children will be leaving the school at the 3pm home time. We want to make sure all our children can leave in a safe way. We would ask all parents to make sure that anyone picking up a child from P3-7 is aware of the following.

All children from P3-7 (except taxis) will line up in the school yard when the bell rings at 3pm. The children who are travelling on buses will be taken down to the buses first. The children who are walking home will leave next and then all adults will be invited into the yard to pick up their children.

I would ask any adult who is picking up a child to cooperate with the school staff and follow these instructions.

These new arrangements will be in place for 3pm home time from Monday 18th September.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely
Seamus McCreesh