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Week 5 with Coach Ryan

13th May 2024

Today we played fire & ice.
Then we played the cars game.  We had a steering wheel each.  We drove around the hall in a circular direction. We had to stop when Ryan showed us the red cone and start when he showed us the green cone.  Just like real traffic lights.  We moved around the Gym in 1st, 3rd and 6th gears.  1st gear was a at a walking speed, 3rd gear was a jogging speed and finally 6th gear was at a running speed. It was great fun.
Then we played the parcel & post game. We were in 4 teams. We had to run out and pick up 1 parcel and post it into the hoop to collect points for our teams.  The pink cone was worth 10 points. Amelia found the pink cone for her team.  At the end we counted all  the parcels in each hoop to find the total for our teams. The winner was the team with the most points.